Red Volcano is really in two halves. There’s the “gosh, it’s so clean” front-end, which we call the research UI, and the behemoth of technology that sits behind collecting all the data our customers need.

We don’t do nearly enough to tell people everything that Red Volcano is capable of and quite frankly that’s because we are so focused on perfecting our core product.

To give you an insight though, Red Volcano’s technology is pretty much capable of doing, or collecting, anything online.

We have a great relationship with The Guardian in the UK, who we collect custom data for (that’s about as much as we can reveal!). We’ve worked with great ad tech companies like Sovrn to help them cleanse their CRM by providing them fresh and relevant data based on their current sales process.

There’s an opportunity in every challenge. If your business needs information pulled from the web, even at a very large scale, or you need to do “something” thousands of times every day online, we can definitely help.

The general question we would always ask you is “Is there something you do lots of every day online, that you wish just happened automatically?” – if the answer is yes, then you should probably speak to us.